Top 3 Thermostat Problems and Solutions

thermostat problems and solutions

1. Dirty And Old

Dirt and dust can accumulate inside your thermostat, causing inaccurate indoor temperatures reading. To fix this problem, remove the cover and clean your thermostat using a soft brush. Be careful to avoid loosening inner parts or wires. If you’re still using the old-dial type thermostat, you have been missing tons of benefits. You may want to consider upgrading your device to a programmable or digital model which is more accurate and convenient.

2. Wire Connections Problem

Loose, aging, or broken wires can cause your thermostat to malfunction and lose its connections to your system. These wiring issues are really big trouble—affecting your unit’s performance, causing an interruption in service, and putting your safety at risk. In this case, you need to call an HVAC pro to investigate and fix the wire connections problem.

3. Bad Location

Bad location is usually the main culprit of a faulty thermostat. If this device is installed in the wrong place, such as near an air vent or direct sunlight, it will get an inaccurate temperature reading and negatively affects your HVAC system. And this means your home’s comfort is compromised. You will feel too hot or too cold, and never just right. Also, your electric bills will start to snowball, putting a big hole in your pocket. Don’t worry, dear! You can always do something to get this all right. Be sure to get your thermostat installed in the center of your home or on the interior wall. It is an ideal place where it is away from hot or cold spots and gets the most accurate reading of indoor temperatures. If you’re experiencing these thermostat problems, we are ready to help you. Our team is expert in all types of thermostats on the market. Click here if you need help with a thermostat upgrade or you want to schedule a service appointment call Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating.


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