Top 5 HVAC Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

hvac mistakes homeowners make

Your HVAC system in your Dallas, TX home helps you relax regardless of the temperature outside. But did you know that some mistakes you make can reduce its performance and efficiency? Don’t worry! Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating will uncover these top five (5) HVAC mistakes most homeowners make. Keep reading!

Keeping Air Vents Closed

Even though closing the vents may sound logical, it’s a big mistake! It will put too much strain on the unit, which causes damage to its components and increases energy usage. To help your unit operate effectively, be sure that the vents are open and free from any obstructions.

Forgetting To Change The Filter

Are you guilty of doing this? Well, we all make mistakes and forget. Here’s a snippet of what actually happens when you don’t replace the filter regularly: The airflow is restricted due to dirt buildup or mold growth. The harmful particles then circulate in your home, which you and your family are breathing in. Not only does it cause health problems but it also increases energy costs.

Buying The Wrong HVAC Size

This is the most common mistake homeowners make. They think that a bigger system provides more comfort. A home that has a measurement of 1,500 square feet doesn’t need to have the same size unit as a home with 3000-square foot space. If you want to get the right HVAC size for your residential or commercial property, get in touch with a professional technician.

Avoiding An Energy Audit

An oversized unit will turn itself on and off repeatedly, while an undersized one will consume more energy. Conducting an energy audit with a certified contractor can help you make an informed buying decision. You will know where and how to reduce your operating expenses while getting optimal comfort.

Living With Outdated Units

Hard fact: Just like other machines, your HVAC is not built to last forever. If you think can save more by continuing to fix your old unit than purchasing a new and high-efficient one, you’re actually wrong. Think about the costs, time, and stress for every repair service. Is it really worth it?

We Are Here To Help!

Learn from these HVAC mistakes and make the right decisions to get the most out of your unit. For more helpful tips, visit our blog page at Kirk Air Conditioning & Heating. If you have questions or concerns about your comfort system, feel free to give us a call, and our team would be happy to assist you.


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